Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Rose Parade

We made it to the Rose Parade yet again. Doug was able to go down the night before and spend the night with Tim to save seats. The Rocks came, and I came down with tammy, Dillon, Cassidy and Cammie Roberts, because they were in town staying for a week. My dad and Jacque came too. 
 It was cold driving down, but as usual it felt nice during the parade. 
It was fun to watch the parade and have so many family members there to enjoy it

Temple Lights

I met Doug at the Temple after work one day. We walked around and looked at the lights. It was fun to see Declan enjoy the lights so much. He was so happy and had a blast looking around and running around. 

Christmas Night

For Christmas night, we went to my dad and mom's house. Jacque and my dad and grandpa came over for dinner. We had a simple dinner and it was nice to chat with them. We opened presents with  them and Bonnie and gary came over later to hang out and have dessert. What a fun day, filled with family. I filled very blessed and lucky!

Christmas Morning

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas Morning. Since we had spent the night, we all woke up together and that was fun. We took some pictures in our new pjs that jill got us. And then got to the present wrapping.....

 In my family we do stockings last, but they do them first. So here are all the beautiful stockings lined up. 

Doug getting ready to open his last gift...What could it be????

 An I pad!! I had saved my extra money and was able to buy him one. He had been wanting one for a very long time. I wanted to get him one as a thank you for working so hard for the family. We love you doug and appreciate all you do for us!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve. Christmas seems more fun when you have a little one to give to and experience with. This was our year to spend at the Summerhays'. And since we were all here we decided to all spend the night!

We played the "M&M" game. There is a bowl of M&Ms and everyone has a straw. You roll the dice and when you roll doubles it;s your turn to suck the m&ms out of the bowl into your pile. 

It got intense at the end, here are the 2 finalist counting there M&M's. 
Dan won! It was close though. 
We did a flannel board nativity story. 
Grandpa put on a christmas gift exchange game. Which is always fun. 

Then SANTA came! He even had gift for everyone and knew their names!

Declan wasn't so sure about it. 

We also did a service project. AnnMarie had the idea to sew baby blankets and donate them to the local hospital. It was a great idea and we all had a good time. It was fun to see the men get into it too :)

 Amanda and I sang on of Eileen's favorite Christmas songs. 
 And we had a yummy dinner. 
In the Summerhays family, they stay up late and everyone wraps presents and bustles around trying to get last minute things done. Since this was so different from my family, it was fun to spend the night there and be apart of that memory. We were all so excited for the magic of the next morning.